There are no bathroom breaks during “Westworld,” the HBO series that centers on a futuristic, Wild West-themed amusement park where humans can live out their wildest fantasies with android hosts.

Leave for a few minutes, bend down to tie your shoelaces or even blink for too long, and you’ll probably miss a vital plot point. With such an intricately woven story, it’s difficult to remember everything that unfolded more than a year ago. Maeve’s big discovery in the finale? Sure. The specifics of that whole Wyatt narrative? Yeesh.

The second season premieres Sunday night, and in lieu of a 90-minute slide show — you’re welcome — here is a written guide to where every “living” character in the series left off. (Season 1 spoilers ahead.)


Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins)

Who: Dr. Ford created Westworld with Arnold Weber (Jeffrey Wright), and after Arnold’s death, Ford created an android replica named Bernard Lowe. Ford served as the park’s director throughout the first season.

Last seen: Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) kills Ford at the Delos gala. But before he dies, Ford reveals Arnold’s true intentions of freeing the hosts. He also tells Bernard that, contrary to the hosts’ belief, he had been running a secret narrative operation that would eventually spark their rebellion.

Man in Black/William (Ed Harris/Jimmi Simpson) 

Who: The Man in Black is a longtime Westworld visitor — and, eventually, owner — hellbent on finding the center of the Maze, a symbol Arnold hid throughout the park that represents his theory of consciousness. It is revealed in the finale that William, depicted as a first-time visitor, is actually a younger version of the Man in Black.

Last seen: The Man in Black attends the chaotic gala and is shot in the arm by Clementine (Angela Sarafyan), a sign that the hosts are gaining control.

Logan (Ben Barnes)

Who: Logan — or Prince Caspian, for “Narnia” fans — is another park frequenter whose sister is engaged to William. His family’s business, Delos, runs the park.

Last seen: A young William tells Logan, who is naked and tied to a horse, of his plans to invest more in Westworld. This angers Logan, who feels that the park is his thing.

Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson)

Who: Charlotte is the executive director of Delos. She shows little regard for the hosts and spends much of the first season trying to oust Ford.

Last seen: Dolores continues to fire at the crowd after killing Ford at the gala, and we see a worried Charlotte in attendance.

Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman)

Who: Lee, the arrogant head of Westworld’s narrative department, is despised by most of his colleagues.

Last seen: During the gala, Charlotte sends Lee to cold storage to retrieve a host. He discovers that the entire unit is empty.

Elsie Hughes (Shannon Woodward)

Who: Elsie works in Westworld’s behavior lab and diagnostics division. She works to resolve behavioral problems in the hosts and is shown to sympathize with them.

Last seen: Bernard remembers strangling Elsie in the first season’s penultimate episode, and he believes he killed her. Elsie’s actual fate is unknown.

Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth)

Who: More memorable for being the resident Hemsworth of “Westworld,” Stubbs is the park’s head of security.

Last seen: Stubbs sees a signal coming from Elsie’s device while she’s not supposed to be working and, in the penultimate episode, enters the park to see what’s up. A number of warrior hosts attack him, ignoring his command to “cease all motor functions.”

Felix Lutz (Leonardo Nam)

Who: Felix is a nervous technician who repairs damaged hosts in the park’s body shop, tellingly called Livestock Management.

Last seen: After Maeve (Thandie Newton) alters the park’s security system with Felix’s tablet, fellow hosts Hector (Rodrigo Santoro) and Armistice (Ingrid Bolso Berdal) kill the security teams. Felix gives Maeve the location of a host who once portrayed her daughter.


Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood)

Who: Dolores is the oldest host still active in Westworld. She discovers throughout the first season that she has been living in a loop and eventually achieves consciousness. It is revealed in the first season’s finale that, in an attempt to have the park shut down, Arnold merged the programming of Dolores and Wyatt, a villain the Westworld creators had planned on building.

Last seen: Dolores shoots Ford in the head at the gala and opens fire on the other executives, too.

Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright)

Who: His name an anagram of “Arnold Weber,” Bernard Lowe was created by Ford as a replacement for Arnold and heads the park’s programming division. Bernard is programmed to believe he is human, and he learns the truth as viewers do.

Last seen: Bernard watches Dolores approach Ford at the gala and mumbles the oft-repeated line, “These violent delights have violent ends.” He looks on as she opens fire.

Teddy Flood (James Marsden)

Who: Teddy’s loop always begins with him entering Westworld on a train. He mainly exists to protect his love interest, Dolores, but his altruistic nature changes after Ford gives him a backstory that somehow involves Wyatt.

Last seen: After Ford tells Dolores of Arnold’s plan to stop the park from opening by using Dolores and Teddy to destroy all the androids, she recalls a memory of Teddy shooting other hosts. (In that memory, Dolores then killed Arnold, Teddy and herself.) At the gala, Teddy watches in horror as Dolores acts violently.

Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton)

Who: Maeve is in charge of the brothel in a Westworld saloon. She is one of the first to question her reality, triggered by continual flashbacks to past loops, including some with her host daughter.

Last seen: Maeve demands that Felix repair Bernard, who tells her that she had been programmed to escape Westworld all along. Insistent that she is in control, Maeve boards a train to the “real world” but gets off right before it departs, likely to find her host daughter.

Clementine Pennyfeather (Angela Sarafyan/Lili Simmons)

Who: Clementine is a prostitute in the brothel who greets new visitors by observing, “You’re new — not much of a rind on you.” Sarafyan plays the old version of the character, who has been portrayed by two hosts in Westworld history.

Last seen: The old Clementine shoots the Man in Black in the arm at the gala.

Hector Escaton (Rodrigo Santoro)

Who: We’ve established that this show is confusing, and it doesn’t help that Hector looks exactly like Logan. (He is not Logan, though he is played by an actor who was Laura Linney’s love interest in “Love Actually.”) Hector is an outlaw with a permanent spot on Westworld’s “Most Wanted” list, yet he becomes the only host Maeve trusts.

Last seen: Hector and Armistice help Maeve kill the security teams, but he does not join her and Felix in the elevator. It is unclear what happens to him when more guards approach.

Armistice (Ingrid Bolso Berdal) 

Who: Armistice is Hector’s deputy, notable for a snake tattoo that begins on her face and stretches all the way down to her ankle. She has a childhood memory of a gang raiding her village, and she now hunts down the perpetrators and colors in the tattoo with their blood. The snake’s head has been reserved for the blood of Wyatt.

Last seen: After Armistice is caught in a closing door, Maeve, Hector and Felix are forced to leave her. In a post-credits scene, she cuts her arm off to free herself and presumably fights the approaching guards.

Lawrence/El Lazo (Clifton Collins Jr.)

Who: Lawrence is a criminal whom the Man in Black saves from a hanging early in the series, and he joins the search for Arnold’s mystery Maze. The host is seen running a brothel while referred to as El Lazo, but this takes place during William’s pre-Man in Black days.

Last seen: Lawrence does a card trick for gala attendees.

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