"It’s a catastrophe for the municipality,” the town's mayor said of the forgeries discovered at the Etienne Terrus museum.

Chu has served as NEA head for almost four years, including two under an administration that has tried to eliminate the agency.

Arts complex says Honors and Twain prize are being reviewed.

Activists rallied at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian Asian art museum that opened in 1987 with funds from one of the drug company magnates.

The women toured the Washington museum while their husbands met at the White House.

Board approves agreement with the Victoria and Albert Museum to present exhibitions in a space under development in East London.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders appears to be the subject of his latest cartoon.

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The retailer backed down after Revok accused it of wrongfully featuring his artwork in an ad campaign.

Museum officials decided to shut down for safety reasons because of the extreme winds in Washington region.

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The Hirshhorn is addled by the shootings in Florida, and postpones plans to display a provocative art work on its exterior wall.

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