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A woman called 911 saying she needed help and alleged Brown threatened her with a gun, according to reports.

For devoted fans, the sudden loss of a cherished idol can leave them reeling.

They became one of Hollywood's first successful interracial comedic pairings.

Wilder remarried in 1991, but remembered Radner fondly in interviews, and helped fund cancer research after her death.

There are five things you need to dominate ABC television's dance competition — and the embattled Olympic swimmer actually has a shot.

Drake and Rihanna's relationship defies any kind of label, but it's enigmatic enough to keep the public guessing.

The script has flipped as Spears is having a career resurgence as Timberlake is seeing widespread criticism.

Jennifer Lawrence pulled in $46 million, which is far less than the highest-paid actor, according to a new Forbes list.

After Perry's tweet, Google searches for "misogynoir" spiked sharply.

The iconic musician's massive complex, Paisley Park, will open for public tours starting Oct. 6.

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