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A wry thought exercise emerges from a sexual assault scandal in the comedy world.

Paying to see "Birth of a Nation" was already going to be a political statement. It's now become a more complicated one.

The "Ghostbusters" star is back online now.

They were unbound by the conventions that make the rest of us hopelessly human: race, gender, sexuality.

The legendary journalist clarified comments that triggered a backlash over the weekend.

Under fire at GWU for misogynist statements, the rapper is sounding more contrite.

She handled her press conference with clarity and elegance; she was generous to her opponent. So why, exactly, do we consider her loss a catastrophe?

Singer-songwriter has built a career on her sympathetic, classy image.

Obama's reaffirmed his commitment to LGBT rights in his State of the Union address.

Girls’ night out is meant to be a "no spouse” zone and not just a “no guys” one.

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