"It seemed like someone was protecting this guy," Colbert said of Vincent Favale, who used to be the network's “Late Show” liaison.

The sketch was widely praised, but it can also be criticized for its treatment of the situation.

Norm Macdonald said, “The reason I really did it is I wanted to do Burt Reynolds.” And so, the world got Turd Ferguson.

The Kennedy Center hosts the 21st annual award ceremony Oct. 21. It will be broadcast on PBS on Nov. 19.

The new HBO documentary tries to track the legendary frenetic comedic mind.

Ariana Grande responded to the controversy, tweeting that her comedian fiance uses humor to deal with tragedy.

The Australian comic delivers laughs, as well as a searing indictment on comedy's ability to grapple with pain.

Nathan Fielder is hoping for an Emmy nomination. But as he waits, he has recruited a security expert to show how the Emmy process could be hacked.

The physician-turned-comedian thought he was being heckled. He soon realized there was a medical emergency.

Rather than focus on Kanye himself, the show took aim at the rest of us: everyone who obsessively reads, retweets, thinks about and debates his tweets.

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