Nathan Fielder is hoping for an Emmy nomination. But as he waits, he has recruited a security expert to show how the Emmy process could be hacked.

The physician-turned-comedian thought he was being heckled. He soon realized there was a medical emergency.

Rather than focus on Kanye himself, the show took aim at the rest of us: everyone who obsessively reads, retweets, thinks about and debates his tweets.

The comedian stuffed her face with cake on SNL at the nadir of the culture wars in August. Now she says to keep fighting.

Pundits love to point to the 2011 event as the night Trump's political ambitions crystallized. The president himself says: “I loved that evening.”

"That’s just one joke that people took and really ran with it,” the comedian once said. Now Cosby has been found guilty of sexual assault.

“Are you not entertained?” shouted the comic.

“Saturday Night Live” mounted quite the unexpected parody, featuring Trump's personal attorney.

Smalls is the satirical character dreamed up by Harry Shearer, and he just released a new album and is going on tour.

Mitzi Shore gave opportunities to comics such as Robin Williams, Richard Pryor and Jim Carrey.

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