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Don't let the overwhelming cuteness distract you from privacy settings.

The right-wing provocateur headlined a party for gay and lesbian Trump fans.

The Twitter account of Tenacious D appeared to be hacked Sunday.

Because people tend to mimic the actions and opinions of celebrities they admire, interviews like Bell's make a small dent in the stigma surrounding mental health.

Chris Brown went on a rant about the Oakland R&B singer's suicide attempt after she was accused of cheating.

Said one Navajo writer: "My ancestors didn't survive colonization so you could use our culture."

"The imagery I used may have been in poor taste," the Detroit police sergeant said. "For that, I apologize."

Do people always think you're mad when you're not? Researchers think they've pinpointed the problem.

Patrick Gavin struggles for an interview with the President, tongue firmly in cheek.

Rideable dinosaurs and naked dumpster divers at your service.

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