This time, the lyrics go beyond “Poopy-di scoop.”

Spotify left the playing field cluttered with felled streaming services that all had one commonality: Their names could double as one of Stefon's favorite New York City clubs.

Merriam-Webster said the Women's March and the #MeToo movement also fueled online searches for the word “feminism."

Lori Klausutis's manner of death was ruled “accidental,” and police concluded that there was no reason to further investigate.

Austin Rogers extended his run of wins to nine and boosted his total winnings to more than $332,400.

The network still faces backlash over “Confederate,” a new series about a fictional country where slavery remains legal.

The grand prize was a trip to a perfume launch party with former reality star Kat Von D.

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The director recently told BuzzFeed, “I feel like you can’t show everyone’s perspective in a story.”

Still no official word from Queen Bey.

King writes, “I’ll always have Pence."

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