More than 300 newspaper editorial boards have responded to President Trump's attacks on the news media.

The hackers littered Peter Alexander's account with images and videos in support of Turkey and showing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Newseum reversed its stance on Saturday, saying journalists 'are not the enemy of the people.'

An unknown man walked into the KRQE newsroom in Albuquerque, just days after a gunman killed five at the Capital Gazette office in Annapolis.

"Fascism is at the doorstep,” the liberal filmmaker told Bill Maher in an appearance on HBO's “Real Time."

Parkland, Fla., school shooting survivor David Hogg has encouraged people who don't like Ingraham's statements to contact her show's advertisers.

The conservative commentator appealed directly to the president on a news show, becoming the latest to spread such claims without evidence.

Pundits love to point to the 2011 event as the night Trump's political ambitions crystallized. The president himself says: “I loved that evening.”

"The person I am now is not the person I was then,” the MSNBC host said while opening her show “AM Joy” on Saturday.

Conservative commentator Jamie Allman resigned from KDNL, the Sinclair-owned TV station in St. Louis, amid backlash over a vulgar tweet.

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