Bonus points if you can tell us a single thing he says in “Dunkirk.”

Cary Fukunaga, who became a household name for stylishly directing the first season of HBO's “True Detective,” was announced as the movie's director on Sept. 20. Daniel Craig, meanwhile, will reprise his role as Bond.

The onetime Jane Doe publicly identified herself in the Los Angeles Times as the victim in a 2010 case involving a man whose scene was cut from the sci-fi film.

Everyone seems to love the heartthrob at the center of Netflix's "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" and "Sierra Burgess Is A Loser."

The Paul Thomas Anderson movie earned Reynolds his only Oscar nomination.

Jeff Goldblum has transcended mere meme status. He is beloved beyond reason and has achieved a level of celebrity only possible in the Internet age.

The Academy Awards says the issue "merits further study."

One critic wrote that Bannon is “playing the role of alt-right Teddy bear."

"It celebrates an America achievement. It also celebrates an achievement 'for all mankind,' as it says on the plaque Neil and Buzz left on the moon,” Armstrong's sons said.

The movie, which stars Cooper and Lady Gaga, and its soundtrack will both be released on Oct. 5.

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