Authorities say the arrest stems from a 2017 incident in which Brown allegedly punched a photographer.

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The 25-track double album gets into the beef between Drake and Pusha T.

Joe Jackson helped make towering pop stars of his children, particularly Michael and Janet Jackson. But “if you messed up you got hit,” wrote Michael in his autobiography.

The last posthumous No. 1 single was Notorious B.I.G.'s “Mo Money Mo Problems.”

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The couple address their marriage, their success, police brutality and Kanye West — with a little help from Blue Ivy.

The band reportedly fired their agent after learning that they were being paid one-tenth of what a male artist playing at the same festival got.

This ain't the same girl who was singing about Romeo and Juliet.

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You couldn't escape Wayne's music in 2008, the way you can't dry off under a waterfall.

Carrie Underwood also returned with a stellar performance of "Cry Pretty" after her mysterious absence following an injury.

A disastrous concert in 2017 prompted speculation about the singer's drinking. He said he was sober, but a recent documentary showed that was false.

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