"Lodestar” searches lit up, a bookmaker set odds, and Trump aides called reporters asking for clues as the “Guess Who?” game got underway.

Of all the late-night hosts, Stephen Colbert dug the deepest into the recently published revelations, milking them for about five full minutes of jokes.

"It celebrates an America achievement. It also celebrates an achievement 'for all mankind,' as it says on the plaque Neil and Buzz left on the moon,” Armstrong's sons said.

The Arizona senator was a mainstay on the talk show circuit, but he also appeared in scripted movies and television shows — and his presence was always delightful. 

More than 300 newspaper editorial boards have responded to President Trump's attacks on the news media.

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Nashville singers have a powerful platform to speak out on current events, and most decline to use it.

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An lot of brands can be rightfully accused of hypocrisy. But only the Ivanka Trump brand has Ivanka.

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There can be no more fashion diplomacy after detonating the nuclear option, a.k.a. the infamous "I really don't care" jacket.

"Fascism is at the doorstep,” the liberal filmmaker told Bill Maher in an appearance on HBO's “Real Time."

Trump touted the director's positive remarks at a South Carolina rally. Lynch clarified them a day later.

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