Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson routinely battle for aspiring Nashville artists — but it might put unfair pressure on the singers.

Comedian Chris Rock recorded parts of West's speech that didn't air and posted them to Instagram after the show.

The episode even sneaked in a reference to the high-profile couple's pet pig.

Many correctly assumed that “Saturday Night Live” would dive straight back into politics with the cold open of its 44th season premiere, given the fiery nature of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh's testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this week.

Television offers far more nuanced celebrations of black hair, from “This Is Us” to “Atlanta."

The comedians had to do their jobs and tell jokes, but a few got serious as well.

The sketch was widely praised, but it can also be criticized for its treatment of the situation.

Tyler Crispen, a 23-year-old lifeguard from South Carolina, started off the season on an extremely strong note.

The Fox News host said Christine Blasey Ford should have reported any sexual assault immediately for the sake of “the rest of us — the other 320 million people who live here.”

NFL star DeMarcus Ware looks like a front-runner. Meanwhile, “The Bachelorette” fan favorite “Grocery Store Joe” was hilariously bad.

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