Update: Thank you to the readers who have taken the time to experiment with the suite of commenting software from The Coral Project. Your feedback in the comment section below has been very helpful.

To continue the testing, we’re launching Coral’s software in comments on The Switch, The Post’s technology blog. We’re still interested in your feedback about the new system; please add your thoughts to the comment stream below.


A couple of months ago, we asked a small group of Washington Post commenters to test out a new suite of commenting software. Their feedback was helpful as always, so we’re back for more.

The software was built by The Coral Project, a collaboration between The Post, the New York Times, and Mozilla, funded by a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Coral’s goal is to create open-source tools and renewed approaches to online discussion — all free for anyone to use — by working with news organizations, commenters and readers.

Washington Post readers have been a key part of that work from the project’s inception, contributing suggestions and participating in a nationwide survey.

Below, you’ll find a new version of Coral’s software, with many contributions from Washington Post engineers. Among the updates:

> Any registered Washington Post commenter should be able to comment below (if you can’t, email us to let us know).

> The edit button is back, thanks to feedback from commenters like RexBlock, wiredog, 76_phoenix, eric654 and wadejg during our last beta test.

> The ignore button is wired up. We hope you won’t need it today.

> We’re testing a “My Profile” tab within the comment stream. You can manage your ignored users from there. (Note: It will only include comments that are added in the stream below. Your comment history from elsewhere on the site is safe and sound on your Washington Post My Comments page.)

Questions for you:

> How do you like the experience of commenting below? How could we improve it?

> How do you like the experience of reading the comments below? Any suggestions for improvements?

> Are there features or functions you’d like to see that aren’t available here?

We’ve still got work to do, but your feedback will help us to know which parts are most important to you. We’ll be poking around in the comments to ask follow-up questions, so feel free to say hi.