This post has been updated.

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to upload your photos. Here are a few other reminders: Read the rules. They are boring but important. We are not accepting photos via e-mail. You must upload your photos via the submission page. If you have problems submitting, read the step-by-step below and then ask for assistance via e-mail: with “Peeps Contest” in the subject line.

STEP 1: Enter the title of your diorama.

STEP 2: Click Choose File to upload an image. Select your photo from you computer as you would attach a photo to an e-mail. We suggest you upload the highest quality version of the photo you have up to 1 MB in size. Enter a photo caption that describes your diorama and the creative process that went into making it.

We will accept up to two photos per person. if you’re uploading an additional photo, there’s another “choose file” field. Click that and add your second photo and a caption for it.

STEP 4: Enter your contact information. The required fields include the name, email and phone number of the person submitting the photos. The last field is also required and asks for the names, ages and hometowns of anyone who contributed to your diorama (including you).

STEP 5:  Click Submit. It may take a moment to go through, so be patient. You’ll get a pop-up notification that your entry has been successfully submitted. You will also get an email to the address you provided on your submission form. Still have questions? Email