Calling all Hax-Philes! You can now chat about your favorite Carolyn Hax content — from the letters that shocked you the most to the poignant advice that helped you — in our new Carolyn Hax forum.

We recently rolled out forums for sports, politics and other topics on For Hax fans, we’ve set up a forum that will allow you to discuss columns and weekly chats, seek advice from other readers and even go off topic, if that’s your thing. The forum will also be the new home for Hax-Philes, where Carolyn lets readers weigh in on the qualms of advice-seeking letter writers.

Creating new forum topics is easy —  click the New Topic button, fill in the fields that appear and click Post.

You can also create polls for other readers to take.  Click “New Polls” next to “New Topics” and follow the easy-to-follow instructions.

Take it for a spin and let us know what you think in the comments below.