We just soft-launched a new feature that shows where readers across the country are consuming Post journalism, in real time. Our “Read In” heat map displays popular stories on washingtonpost.com dispersed across the country. Take a look.

Every hit to washingtonpost.com is analyzed for geographic location and topic. When you open “Read In,” you will see the map move automatically to the top state in which our politics journalism is being consumed. The map will then drill down to specific areas in the state to show the top three headlines in that specific region. You can also click around by state and drill into the regions themselves. Each headline is clickable and will take you to the blog or article.

What you see is a working beta version. And right now it is limited to the United States as our location and with politics as our topic — the plan is to scale this out to all of our Post offerings and all the places in the world that our journalism is consumed. We’ll build it out and integrate it into our site in various ways. We think showing users what other folks are reading can be interesting. If you have ideas on what you’d like to see, let us know  — haikc [at] washpost [dot] com.

Cory Haik, Executive producer for digital news

Siva Ghatti, Director, Application Development