George Zimmerman George Zimmerman (Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel via AP)

The Post’s story on the acquittal of George Zimmerman has received a flood of comments, more than 3,500 at this writing. Some applaud the verdict. Some find it reprehensible. Some find the whole story a sad commentary about race relations in the United States.

We’ll start with BigTight-33, who wrote, “Had George Zimmerman been a Black man and Trayvon Martin a White teenage boy, based on the same evidence, tried before the same jury, ask yourselves what would the outcome have been? An honest answer to that question makes it clear that racial bias against Black males in favor of white people was the basis of Zimmerman’s acquittal. … That all White female jury was not going to convict that White man of any crime for killing a Black teenage boy!”

Phoebus2 said,Suppose George Zimmerman was walking home one rainy night, and found himself face-to-face with a black male who, knowing Zimmerman’s history, shot him out of fear for his life. And let’s suppose the court impaneled a jury of six black males to hear the case. If the jury came back with an acquittal, would the supporters of vigilantism we see on this site today be asserting that justice had been done? I highly doubt it.”

Spare_Parts wrote, “In the world I live in, those who are armed with deadly force should not get out of the safety of their cars to confront someone who is simply walking down the street. There was time for law enforcement to arrive. No threat of harm to anyone or anything was occurring as long as Zimmerman (and his gun) remained in the car.”

Washthatmanrightouttamyhair said, “Possessing and carrying that weapon was not a crime. Neither is following someone. Confronting and pummeling a person IS a crime. Spare Parts … gun ownership comes with responsibility; yes. So does the use of one’s fists and concrete walkways.”

TwoCents5 wrote that Zimmerman’s “background and training is in community organizing. In order to make that job relevant, the community must be disorganized. So in order to maintain job security, you need to be in a community that is constantly arguing about something. This is simply good for business for Obama and other groups that feed off argument. And unfortunately we are normally stupid enough to play along. And no, this is not just about Obama and the Dems. All politicians love these games makes it easier to get us to vote for them later.”

LilBits712 said, “Wow, you people will make everything in America about Obama and don’t even realize that the problem is right in front of you! Why are you bring our President into this case. Oh, wait, he’s biracial and that means to you people, forget the white side, he’s black and one of them!”

Mben wrote, “Trayvon’s parents are depicted in the media as wonderful people and great parents. Really?? Why was their son Trayvon in pictures with a gun and women’s jewelry?
Most parents know that bad parenting has something to do with this.”

But concernedaboutdc said, “Good parents have children who commit crimes. One doesn’t equal the other.”

FoxisFair wrote, “How [Attorney General Eric] Holder’s Justice Department is going to find an Hispanic guilty of civil rights violation against a black will be very interesting.”

Which prompted sutton1 to ask, “Will you publicly apologize when Holder doesn’t?”

We’ll close with this exchange:

Bailinnumberguy asked, “What part of this is unclear? (1) Jury was approved by the prosecution; (2) The verdict was not guilty; (3) The verdict was unanimous; (4) The jury had access to more information than anyone posting here and sat through every minute of the trial.”

And Crickey7 said, “A man who caused the death of a kid walked free.”