George Zimmerman George Zimmerman (Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel via AP)

The acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case continues to fascinate our Readers Who Comment, who have weighed in more than 2,000 times on a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, which found that African Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of the jury’s decision and a bare majority of whites say they approve.

We’ll start with patriot17, who wrote, “If you weren’t in the courtroom then you probably have no basis to conclude that the trial was fair or unfair. What’s amazing to me is how many people are so sure that
1. The trial was completely unjust.
2. The trial was completely just.
Based on having read some news stories. We don’t convict people based on what the news media says for good reason. And with good reason what is published by the news media is referred to as ‘stories.’ ”

glennst01 said, “ ‘Beyond a reasonable doubt’ is the instruction given to the jury and duty of the jury. That’s their job and they did it! End of story! Speculation, obfuscation and deliberation are done.”

Birdwatcher55 wrote, “I thought it was good, American justice for once. If you’re in a street fight, there are no rules; just survival. For once, a jury got it right.”

TheGrandFromage – formerly thelaw said, “One question that was not on the poll and should have been was, ‘Had you already decided George Zimmerman was guilty before the trial?’ Another one should have been, ‘Did you watch the trial?’ My bet is you would get virtually identical figures for the 86%.  86% demanded a conviction, so 86% are unhappy with the verdict. 86% had already decided GZ was guilty, hence are unhappy with the verdict. 86% may not have watched the trial, so they only have the spin and lies that have been around for over a year, they may have missed the evidence and witnesses.”

Moderate312 wrote, “I can understand the anger. Many people are still getting over OJ’s acquittal for a DOUBLE murder. Well at least he is where he belongs anyway.”

DarnellJ said, “Right now gz is sitting on a beach somewhere with his family…while tm is dead and his family is shattered. his parents will never wake up to the voice of their son again.”

To which glennst01 replied, “And the world is probably a safer place now.”

jackattack949 wrote, “The racial card was played by Zimmerman when [he] saw not a kid returning from the store but a criminal lurking about. If that kid was White he would not have seen a criminal.”

We’ll close with cpwash, who said, “The Klan has arisen again in the South. Instead of just lynching, they now can follow ‘suspicious’ blacks, and confront them. When the person tries to defend themselves, they are then free to draw their piece and gun anyone down.”