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The Navy Yard massacre has generated hundreds of reader comments that show once again that we are talking past each on the subject of guns and gun control. One does have to wonder how many times we have to go through this and how many lives we have to forfeit while the debate and the carnage continue.

We’ll start with marked8, who wrote, “Another case of the failure of the mental health and criminal justice systems.
1. He told the VA he was hearing voices and was paranoid. How did this not get escalated?
2. He had prior run ins with the law, but was never arrested.
3. How did he get a secret clearance with an arrest record? “

Fisk202 said, “I have no idea why this is news. This is the price we pay to have complete freedom to own any gun, anytime, any where with no limits. Gun owners should be thanking the 12 people who died for your right to have guns on demand. 20 dead children didn’t change America’s opinions on guns and this won’t either. This is price we pay for gun owners to have whatever gun they want, whenever they want it.”

Bmore wrote, “It is amazing to me how no one actually reads this article. If this article is acurrate (as of this moment we can assume it is) The shooter bought a Remington 870 shotgun at a licensed FFL dealer which means he went through a background check. Not even the most restrictive voices of gun control have advocated for the ban on the most common shotgun sold in America. This is surly a tragedy and my heart goes out to the victims and their families. You cannot rationalize irrational behavior.”

Hitpoints said, “I don’t advocate bans, but some things come to mind: A person who has one or two instances of trouble with the law because of guns can buy more guns? A person with gun-related offenses on a criminal record (or even complaints that didn’t result in a charge or conviction) can pass a security investigation that gives access to our military facilities? A person who cleans their gun in an apartment with hands slippery from cooking and with a round in the chamber is not considered by Texas law as acting recklessly?”

Pedal Power wrote, “Over and over, the Left tried to find ways to improve things.
Over and over, the Right says that these tragedies are the byproduct of a healthy society.”

BORecession asked, “Would Obama be tempted enough to push his gun control bill, again, to add to his legacy, knowing that Senate Dems may vote against it, again?

flonzy1 said, “Our two parties work together to insure things are set up in the worst way possible in so many issues including guns and the mentally ill.”

BOBinBlueridge wrote, “On youtube there is a video of LBJ signing the 1968 Firearms act after the United States turned into Firearm Anarchy in the late 1960’s. LBJ wanted Firearms Licensing, he may get it now since it has entered into National Security and our grade schools and religious places of worship.

oriole7574 wrote, “Doing ‘something’ about mental illness is a waste of time. Two thirds of the people with heart disease first know they have it when they die from a heart attack. And, which is harder to detect and treat, “mental illness” or heart disease?  Oh, and what is easier to regulate on a national scale–the proliferation for profit of mass killing machines, or hard-to-define “mental illness?”  Next!

We’ll close with BigSlickAK who said, “Let me summarize yesterday thusly: The Navy Yard incident was tragic in that innocent lives were lost and just as tragically, the perpetrator would take this course. This does not alter the debate, nor is it in the same vein as previous incidents, except Fort Hood. It will have no impact on the “gun debate.”