The Washington Post is excited to roll out Topicly, a whole new way to consume Post journalism. Topicly was created for users interested in discovering content visually. It’s designed to offer news signals quickly and allow users to understand the pulse of what’s happening upon first glance — without being overwhelmed.

Topicly is powered by proprietary technology to give users timely news that Post editors think will interest readers. All Post journalism — stories, blog posts, photos, videos — is being processed in 15-minute snapshots, and topics are being determined in real-time based on content. The more content that is published about a topic, the higher the topic appears in the display.

Topicly presents a rolling, 72-hour display of the most-published content. Users can dive deep into areas of interest and see what has been published about those subjects.

Topicly is responsively designed and was built as a mobile-first product.

Via the top right bar, users can open a menu to show the topics in list view. They will see a number showing how many pieces of content have been published in the past 72 hours on a topic.

Readers can find Topicly on the homepage of The Post mobile Web site ( from any smartphone browser) or linked at the top of Post story pages on the full Web site (desktop version).

We’ll continue to build at this product over the coming months. Please let us know what you think or would like to see.

— Cory Haik, Executive Producer and Senior Editor, Digital News