Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press) Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) (J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press)

Post reporter Chris Cillizza’s take on Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz’s almost 22-hour filibuster on the ills of Obamacare has generated almost 600 comments at this writing.  Not surprisingly, just like Obamacare itself, there are strong opinions on both sides. Cruz either accomplished something or didn’t, depending on where you stand.

We’ll start with TinaGiles, who wrote, “This was a disgrace to American Politics. If reading a book seems cute and ingenious to people then i’m scared. He wasn’t elected to read a damn book! There are real problems in America, people don’t have health insurance, they can’t pay their bills, they don’t have jobs, yet we think we accomplished something because he talked for 21 hours and then read a book? This is sickening, American Politicians need to wake up! While his family is nestled away in their nice upper middle class home and they think its so cute that ‘daddy read a bedtime story to us,’ I’m not amused.”

Michael Doane asked, “Jeez, Chris, was it anywhere near as impressive as what you describe? 1,279 minutes and the most memorable moment was his mis-reading of ‘Green Eggs and Ham.’ (He fails to include the part where, after trying green eggs and ham, [the character] decides that he likes it. – Thus torpedoing his reading that [the character] is America and green eggs and ham are Obamacare and we ‘do not like that’.) No statesmanship, no vision, and grating voice to boot.”

Busdrivermike said, “He compared those who voted yes to an appeaser of Hitler, then voted yes. Sorry, but that is THEE weirdest thing I have ever seen from a US Senator. It needs to be underlined to the American people.”

Sheilahowison wrote, “Well it accomplished getting Cruz more attention that he craves desperately. That’s about it! I thought he was suppose to be intelligent? I didn’t hear anything too intelligent with the exception of Green Eggs, and Ham! Maybe he needs to try some?”

Michael_B observed that “It’s all about bladder control. The next President needs to be able to hold it for 20 hours or more…”

Ansieb said, “Green Eggs and Ham is actually a book about a grinch that says he hates green eggs and ham even though he’s never tried it…….“I do not like green eggs and ham I do not like them Sam-I-Am.” Upon finally trying it the grinch says “Sam! If you will let me be, I will try them. You will see………Say! I like green eggs and ham! I do!! I like them, Sam-I-am!” SUCH A PERFECT METAPHOR FOR OBAMACARE!!! Thanks Canadian Cruz, you’ve made the argument for Obamacare without even knowing it!”

Catmomtx wrote, “So that is [the] Republicans problem with President Obama? Republicans and the right wing are afraid because they know President Obama, the new comer has been right about the things he has done and has accomplished a great deal for our country and Republicans just can’t grasp that?”

Citi____Streets said, “Cruz is exactly who the GOP need to take them over the cliff once again on “cruz control”. The nut is a godsend to Democrats in 2014 and a definite blessing to the party in the 2016 when they sweep the national elections back to the Oval Office and recapture the house while retaining the Senate.”

Sundanceington wrote, “Face it Ted Cruz was great, this article is true..Let me guess you are a brainwashed Democrat zombie, belching forth garbage information over and over and over again?

But Osmor replied, “No, Calgary Teddy; was not great. The dude is pathetic! He asked for a bill from the House, they delivered exactly what he asked for.  Then Teddy tries to filibuster his own bill? How batsheet crazy is that? And then, after all the rigamarole, he votes for the bill as is???? sundanny, dude, you have been punked! and you’re not even aware of it !! you goobs are pathetic.”

BobbyYarush said, “He accomplished nothing…. I only wished he had put as much effort into working the issues of the day…. such as the healthcare issues that are of need of fixing… than showboating with his playmates in Congress. Such a waste of time… and cant believe that the media dignifys ‘Green Eggs and Ham.'”

InMclean2 wrote, “Get it over with Ted. Make it easier on yourself, now. Wrap yer perty lips around the words now and ease yourself into it, Say it with us… “Universal Coverage, Single Payer.”  Do it! Do it now. There, dontchya feel better? Maybe not today, but tomorrow you will.”

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