Well, here we are, existing without a functioning government.  Our Readers Who Comment do not seem to be very happy, although they disagree about whether to blame Congress, the White House or both.  On the one hand, there are predictable complaints about people who get food stamps.  Worried Social Security recipients also weigh in.

We’ll start with vmbland1, who said, “President Obama should raise the debt ceiling. According to some constitutional scholars, he can do this under the 14th Amendment. It is absurd that 40 crazies are holding the U.S. government and country hostage.”

(But the President has said, “If you start having a situation in which there’s legal controversy about the U.S. Treasury’s authority to issue debt, the damage will have been done even if that were constitutional, because people wouldn’t be sure. It’d be tied up in litigation for a long time. That’s going to make people nervous.”) 

Give An Inch And They Take It All alleged that  “[Harry] Reid and Obama could compromise and get a debt ceiling increase and prevent economic free-fall and keep Social Security checks coming if they really cared, but they don’t.”

Rebjava asked, “Isn’t it funny that the desire to keep what you have earned and take care of your own is unequivocally attached to hate for your fellow man? That non-reality is the centerpiece of leftist ideology. Because otherwise, how are you going to enrich the elites?”

thelaw11111 said, “Weird. So if the debt ceiling is not increased, does the government stop getting the 250-300 billion in tax revenue they normally receive? If the debt ceiling is not increased, will the government be unable to use the money they receive in revenues? Since we are only borrowing 40 cents on every dollar spent, can’t we still use the 60 cents to pay the important stuff? Is there any reason, besides choice of the administration that says we can’t service the debt, then pay the max possible to all the idiotic entitlement programs that are breaking our bank?”

Beacon2013 wrote, “We really can’t blame the semi-literate, gun-toting, bible-clutching, working class TEA party mopes. They have been victims of a propaganda campaign put into effect by the same power elite that fomented the secession of states in 1861, the rabid resistance to the New Deal and the Civil Rights movement, and many other reactionary movements of the 20th C. As for the alleged “liberal” segment of our society: they may be able to read, but critical examination beyond the superficial seems to run against their impulse towards raising their noses and hiding behind platitudes the essence of which was abandoned when the Sunshine King was elected to his second term. The bottom line is that we should all be ashamed for what we have allowed to happen. And in the meantime, Republican and Democrat elected official sneer at the common man and cower before their moneyed masters. What we see on TV is….well, Hollywood for truly ugly people.”

Capmbillie said, “Obama is doing just what he should be doing, which is giving the GOP all the rope it is asking to hang itself. Let’s drive this baby right off the cliff, and see who has more to lose, Jamie Dimon at J.P. Morgan Chase, or working people with next to nothing invested for their retirement.”

DC John asked, “Has the government suddenly stopped collecting income taxes? They take in over $200 billion/month – more than enough to service the interest on the debt, Medicare, and Social Security.”

Tepexpan predicted that “The day that Social Security Administration stop sending checks to the more than 55 million retirees, will be the day that congress will burn to ashes along with all the tea-party-republicans…”

To which rebjavaB replied, “nope …. that’s the day we find out leftists are unwilling to take care of their own families. They believe it’s someone else’s job.”

And tepexpan said,You are an idiot; SS retirees contribute during a life-time of work to the system, i[t]s their money and is not coming from you or the tea-party-nuts…”

AmericanPatriot_ asked, “Would you volunteer to pick up those dead bodies on the streets?”

And rebjavaB said, “Dire prediction you have there …. I guess everyone is just one government check away from a horrible death in the streets …. that’s reality.”

sky3ler wrote, “They will stop kicking and screaming if Obama gives them everything they want. That’s the deal they offered.”

But Garak said, “They make the same compromises as any suicide bomber: give us everything we want and I won’t pull the trigger.”


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