Attorney General of Virginia Ken Cuccinelli (Jason Lenhart/Associated Press) Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (Jason Lenhart/Associated Press)

The Post’s profile today of Ken Cuccinelli, the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, has attracted 300 comments at this writing, most of them, apparently, from Democrats.

We’ll start with scotts747, who wrote, “Although I’m not a Cuccinelli supporter, this is an excellent article. It’s the kind of objective ‘human interest’ piece one is never going to see about Obama in the Washington Times or on Fox. But regardless of the Attorney Generals’ softer personal side, it’s his actions as Attorney General and in the State Legislature that Virginia voters are judging him on. And this is precisely as it should be. And it’s this aspect of Cucccinelli that hopefully will lead to his defeat in November.”

Kindlerva said, “Here’s the bitter irony: As a student at U-VA, he helped a victim of abuse; as Attorney General of Virginia, he became the abuser against a completely innocent U-VA professor, who was forced to spend two years fighting a frivolous legal case founded on wacko climate change denial theories. Where did Cuccinelli go so wrong?”

But S&W concealed wrote,A vote for McAuliffe is a vote to continue this country down the road to socialism. I prefer capitalism over socialism hands down. I like to gain on my merits, not what the government thinks I should have. ”

monkfish21, quoted the article [“… with firmly held views about right and wrong, the Cuccinelli house in McLean was ‘arguments and fights and battles all the time,’ says Maribeth Cuccinelli, Ken’s mother."] and then said, “Problem is, this is how Cuckoo still approaches life, as his tenure as Attorney General has demonstrated. Cuckoo simply *knows* he’s right, dammit, and he’s not gonna back down, ever, because right is right. And he’s right!!! Is this what we need in the Governor’s Mansion?”

Raywilliams wrote, “McAuliffe is exactly what we need. A Democrat in the Governor’s Mansion to balance the Republican house and senate.  A stalemate would be good for Virginia.”

raywilliams wrote,Remember it was Cuccinelli buddy and support[er] Ted Cruz that shut down the government. Thanks Ken.”

Educa8tor said, “I wish that politicians like Cuccinelli could be reincarnated as an unemployed, pregnant teenager of a minority race. It might broaden his thinking a little. We don’t need more ‘right and wrong’, ‘black and white’ simplistic thinking. Does our shutdown government really need more politicians who see no gray areas? Not conducive to compromising. He’s an embarrassment.”

Mcafla wrote, “Get out the vote, you Virginians who don’t want Cuccinelli. Rs rely on their opponent’s supporters not showing up at the polls. Too often they have been correct. Nothing is in the bag.”

jheath53 said,There is no doubt that Ken Cuccinelli follows his moral beliefs. That doesn’t mean those beliefs are shared among most Americans, or for that matter, most Virginians. Like all fanatics, he is certain in the righteousness of those beliefs to the point of being willing to impose them on the rest of us, whether we like it or not. That goes against a very fundamentally American belief in a pluralistic society. Ken is a fanatic. There is no room for fanatics in a democracy. The public, and in turn the system spits them out, which is what will happen to Ken in November.”

Cococo wrote, “He’s not an outsider. He’s attorney general and has done a lousy job. He has used his position to get involved in his obsessions: going after professors, women’s clinics, women’s reproductive choices, etc. He’s an outlier. And he’s very creepy.”

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