Republican Ken Cuccinelli holds back tears as he gives his concession speech in Richmond, Va., after losing the governor's race to Democrat Terry McAuliffe Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013. (AP Photo/Richmond Times-Dispatch, Bob Brown). Republican Ken Cuccinelli II holds back tears as he gives his concession speech in Richmond after losing the governor’s race to Democrat Terry McAuliffe. (Bob Brown/Associated Press).

The Virginia election results have generated a strong response from our Readers Who Comment.  That’s not surprising when you consider the closeness of the election.  There are strong opinions as to what went right and what went wrong, depending on the political leanings of the writer, and the usual name-calling that goes on when political partisans describe each other.

We’ll start with Soulstranger, who wrote, “Unless the Republican party changes its fundamental message, outlined below, they are doomed to continued failure, especially at the national level:
* ‘Vote for us if you are a Real American who believes your tax dollars are being stolen by mooching liberal elites and given to undeserving minorities and illegal immigrants, because we’ll put an end to that, never mind the fact that the vast majority of social and corporate welfare goes to our base, older white folks.
* ‘Vote for us if you believe your religious values are under attack, because we’ll put an end to that and impose our values on the rest of America, like it or not.”

Sewicrn offered, “Let’s not celebrate too much. Virginia now looks like DC. [Gov.-elect] Terry [McAuliffe] has a conservative house in the General Assembly. They have been trained to shut down government for their ideologies. The only interest and accomplishments for [outgoing Gov. Bob] McDonnell was the government’s ability to intrude in the women’s reproduction system. The transportation bill falls short of solving the transportation issues in the state and [is] not a good example of bipartisan effort. McDonnell and the Cooch [that would be defeated Republican Ken Cuccinelli II] walked all over the Democratic Senate. Just like the Republicans walked over the President and pushed the Heritage Foundation model for health care reform…”

Birdofprey asked, “When will Dems ever learn that every election is important, the same off-year, mid-term turnout in VA. If not for women the tea party whacko would have won. Thanks ladies!”

vavoter45 wrote, “Cuccinelli still running against Obama in his concession speech. I find it ironic that he claimed the race was so close because people didn’t want Obamacare. Yet, couldn’t the same be said that the race was won by McAulliffe because people were tired of fighting over Obamacare? Cuccinelli spent his entire time as AG fighting ACA [Affordable Care Act]. I think Virginia taxpayers didn’t want to see him waste more taxpayer money fighting this losing battle.”

dave in san Antonio said, “I feel your pain, Virginia. Virginia was a typical southern, conservative Democratic state until 1970, as in a Democrat governor for 100 years. During the 1970’s and 1980’s, it went conservative Republican with the rest of the south. Now the conservative state of Virginia is in an ongoing battle to retain economic and cultural sanity with rich, liberal transplants that live in Loudoun, Fairfax, and Arlington counties. There is a similar phenomenon going on in Colorado which has been flooded with rich, liberals recently that have gained political control and started passing all kinds of liberal laws that longtime Colorado residents find contrary to every fiber in their American bodies. Good luck with fighting the liberal transplants, Virginians.”

To which nick212 added,If you listen carefully, you will hear the approaching convoy.”

And InMcLean_2.0 said, “That’s one fabulous collection of fierce, colorful truckers.” 

Clownking offered that “Virginia is looking more like Maryland.”

And hitpoints explained, “Places with high population density and places with universities tend to vote Democratic. It’s not that Virginia is becoming more like Maryland, it’s that the population/education centers have grown so much more than the remainder of the state, and the Democrats actually bothered to go vote.”

nick212 added, “hitpoints: And they seem to also be far more in touch with how things really are as well.”

We’ll close with thie exchange:

James Schroder wrote,  A weak democrat defeats a STRONG Tea Party candidate. Explain THAT, Fox NOISE!!”

To which DocAwesome replied, “They’ll just ignore it.”

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