Our Readers Who Comment are having a spirited discussion about whether New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s landslide reelection Tuesday makes him the probable GOP nominee for president in 2016.

As The Post’s Philip Rucker writes in his Thursday front-page article, “Some Democratic strategists said the party made a mistake by not spending more money to attack Christie during the gubernatorial campaign, which might have suppressed his margin of victory and denied the Republican a sweeping mandate in a blue state. In the months to come, Democrats say, they plan to chip away at Christie’s moderate image and present him nationally as a hard-edged conservative.”

We’ll start with Judy Jupiter, who challenged the central theme of the article, saying, “The Dems don’t need to lift a finger.  The GOP circular firing squad will do all the work. They’ve already begun. The Tea Party is the best thing that ever happened for Democrats.”

ducks11 responded, “You’re right, Judy, the Dems don’t have to lift a finger. But they can’t help themselves–and as a result they’re helping to pave the road to the Repub nomination for Christie by casting him as a conservative rather than a moderate.”

Jeanpierregamet said, “There is nothing to be surprised about. Christie is fair game as will [be] Hillary [Clinton] if she runs. As a matter of fact I reckon Clinton is more vulnerable to attacks by the GOP because she lacks stature and because the Republicans will throw Benghazi at her all the time. Some people disagree with me but I still think Benghazi is her Achilles´ heel.”

To which Interstate36 replied, “Odd how just these 4 dead Americans warrant so much intense concern from TP nuts, when the 5000 or so killed in a war of choice in Iraq don’t. And conning Congress into voting for it isn’t actually a viable defense.”

Busterlicious said, “Good point. Hillary has not been scrutinized at all in the last 20 years.

ObamaTheNewNixon tried to change the subject, writing that “Obamacare is turning [into] Obama’s Iraq. Hillary will have that stench on her after 8 years of miserable hopeychange people will be ready for a change.”

Busterlicious responded, “You’re comparing internet crashes to thousands of dead and injured Americans and tens (hundreds?) of thousands dead in Iraq?”

But 3kitties4me said, “No, Obamacare is turning into a fiasco not just over computer issues. It’s the BOLD FACED lie that Obama told that people will get to KEEP their current insurance. Sort of like “there are WMDs in Iraq.”  Don’t out and out lie to America and think its okay. This party and president lies weekly. ‘I had no idea that we were spying on our allied leaders for FIVE years?’ Is he for real????”

DCSelfDetermination wrote, “I don’t know who came up this fantastic lie that Chris Christie is a moderate Republican. On EVERY social issue he is strongly conservative. He is bombastic and disrespectful. That plays good in New Jersey but not in a national election.  He hasn’t aligned himself with the tea party but he believes as they do. Ironically, they see him as a friend of Obama. He won’t win a GOP primary.”

Which inspired Malibu1149 to write, “So based on your brilliant analysis: (1) Christie holds the same beliefs and principles as the Tea Party, yet they still won’t accept him and (2) Christie is a right wing conservative, yet won by a landslide in a blue state. … You’re not making sense.”

We’ll close with Barbara Dougherty, who asked, “Why is Christie’s landslide so controversial? Well, Democrats are afraid of Christie because of what is seen in the diversity of those who voted for him. Indeed, Dems sense a shift in the wind. Their president is a weak leader who’s lied to them and all America more than once. It’s a pattern that grieves us all. Christie evokes strength and honesty. Pure and simple. Moderate Republicans are paying attention, and so are disenchanted Moderate Dems, women, and Latinos. We all know the GOP is disassociating itself from the TP. The GOP is effortlessly becoming more diverse thanks to Obama. People want strong leadership and integrity from their leaders. Character matters.”