It’s the commenter’s lament: You formulate an opinion, carefully construct an argument, confidently click the post button and then gasp in horror to find you’ve used “their” in place of “there.”

We’ve heard your pleas.

Thanks to a new set of commenting features that are rolling out now, users will have five minutes after they’ve posted a comment to go back and edit it. Their They’re There, isn’t that better?

You’ll notice a few more changes as well:

— Improved Report Abuse options: By popular demand, we’ve broadened the options under Report Abuse to these: Spam, Offensive, Disagree, and Off Topic. We know there are many specific reasons a comment could merit moderators’ attention, and we think your help and these flags will allow our mods to react most efficiently to objectionable content. Thanks to all who provided helpful suggestions.


— Easier access to ignored user list: A new drop-down menu next to your avatar allows you to easily access and manage your list of ignored users. From this menu, you can also view your profile and look at your My Comments page, which lists your comment-thread contributions.

Some sections of the Web site, including this blog and some other blogs, won’t see these changes immediately, so don’t be alarmed if you hit a comment thread that hasn’t yet been upgraded.

What do you think of these improvements? What should we tackle next? Let us know in the comments section below.


We’ve heard from users who had trouble finding the new location of the stream-sorting toggle. You can still sort a comment stream by newest, oldest and most-liked comments — just click on the triangle on the Comments tab.

Also, you’ll notice that the flow of new comments pauses when you hover your cursor over the comment stream. That’s a feature we’ve implemented to stop the comment stream from scrolling while users are leaving replies.

We’re eager to hear your feedback on all of our improvements.