FILE - In this Oct. 28, 2013, file screenshot, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' main landing web page for Members of Congress are governing themselves under President Barack Obama’s signature law, which means they have great leeway in how to apply it to their own staffs. For lawmakers, it is about a section of the law that may _ or may not _ require them to toss some staffers off of their federal health insurance and into the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges. (AP Photo/U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, File) (Associated Press)

Based on the number of comments that attach themselves to articles about Obamacare, it’s clear that readers are both interested and concerned about how it will affect them personally, how it will affect the quality of health care generally and whether it is a good thing for the country.

As Sandhya Somashekhar and Amy Goldstein write, “consumer advocates say it is becoming easier for people to sign up for coverage but insurers warn that critical flaws continue to hinder participating health plans.”  Their article has attracted more than 1,100 comments at this writing.

We’ll start with a cynical remark from WashThatManRightOuttaMyHair, who wrote, “Generic Democrat campaign ad for 2014:”I was for it before I was against it.”

aj49 said, “Dems are on Holiday recess and facing their constituents … and they know if Obamacare fails, so do they.  For the Dems – 2014 is all or nothing

To which proudlyprogressive replied, “And when it succeeds, so does the nation. Little right wing minds.”

Skeptic said, “Co-Pays are irrelevant. Total out-of-pocket for the year is the relevant metric.  People who care about co-pays are the same kind of deep thinkers who buy a car based on the monthly payment.”

ThinkThink2 wrote, “Who cares as long as every American has access to healthcare? We’ve waited years for this, what’s a couple of months?”

VWWV said, “you people need to realize one, very simple thing:  If you HAD INSURANCE. You were ALREADY PAYING for “freeloaders” like homeless vets, schizophrenics, poor kids, and domestic violence victims. Why? Because hospitals are already required to not let people die on their doorsteps. If you really want this winner-take-all culture, then you need to pass a bill allowing Hospitals to deny care.”

Liberalandproudofit wrote, “The actuaries aren’t dumb. The ACA will pick up after the slow start.  Whatever you may think of the president, some very smart people are working on this.”

To which cashman7323 replied, “LOL. Libs never do understand that what sounds good to an actuary does not pan out in reality. People are more like cats than sheep.”

Ah haa! said, “Just when you think this Obamacare debacle can’t get any worse, you wake up and read the paper and read about the latest disaster. When [Sen.] Al Franken (D-Minn.) says it’s bad…………it’s bad!”

And angie12106 added, “Yeah, he’s campaigning for next year – hedging.”

gnsherman wrote, “I just don’t understand. You pay thousands of dollars for nothing. The insurance companies provide what? Yet, people are upset that these insurance companies are regulated to insure that they provide something. Who would have thought anyone could argue against this.”

And angie12106 said, “Yeah, Righties just don’t get it – because they don’t THINK.”

Skunk at the picnic wrote, “That is simply not true. People can and do buy insurance that meets their needs. To say that millions don’t have any idea of their needs is stupid and insulting.”

We’ll close with this short conversation:

BartDad said, “My friend who makes about $30K had a $180/month policy that didn’t cover her asthma and had a $15K lifetime max. Now she gets a [bronze] policy that covers everything for $0 a month. Of course she has to pay the deductibles and copayments but as long as she keeps close watch on her asthma she won’t get sick.”

angie12106 said,  “Great news.”

But bz11 replied, “Her cost of $0 per month is being paid by someone else…yep great news…”

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