It took longer than we expected, but we’ve rolled out on all pages the updates to the commenting platform that we began before the holidays.

So what’s new?

Editing comments: You can now edit your comments for five minutes after you hit the Post button. Click the edit link in your published comment and you’ll have the opportunity to tinker with it and resubmit.

You can also still like comments, report comments to the moderators, reply, and ignore a user — all from the links below each comment.

Pausing the flow of comments: You’re in control of the conversation flow. There are two ways to pause the flow of comments in a stream:

1) Quick pause: Hover your cursor over the comment stream and the stream will pause. Take your cursor off the stream, and the conversation flow will resume.

2) Full stop: Click on the Conversation Live link at the top right of the stream (as seen in the screen grab above). The text will change to say Conversation Paused, and the conversation flow will remain paused until you click the link again.

Arranging the display of comments: You can still arrange a comment stream by newest, oldest, most popular, and most liked — just choose from the menu at the top right of the stream (a stream set to Newest First is pictured in the screen grab above).

Accessing your profile: Your commenter profile is still available from the menu next to your avatar. Click on View Profile to see your Washington Post profile page. Clicking View My Comments will take you to a listing of your comment history. And Stop Ignoring Users will take you to your ignored user list.

We’re working on more updates that we hope to roll out quickly, and, as always, we’re eager for your feedback. What’s working well? What could be better? What should we tackle next? Please let us know in the comments section below, or email us at