I don’t often receive dozens of e-mails and phone calls regarding one topic. When I do, it usually involves a column or article with a controversial point of view. But this week it was prompted by something missing from The Post: stock and mutual fund listings that were not in Sunday’s Business section.

The omission was not intentional, said Sunday Business editor Kelly Johnson, and there is no plan to discontinue this feature in the Sunday edition. They will be back this Sunday. So what happened? The Post didn’t receive the stock listings as usual on Friday evening, when the section is published, and with deadline looming, the empty space in the section was filled with what are known in the newsroom as house ads — advertisements for Post products.

Post readers noticed the absence. Johnson received scores of phone calls and a flood of e-mails asking about the listings, and I, too, heard from many readers. The Post published a short editor’s note on Page A2 of Tuesday’s paper, and it published on Pages A12-14 the full listings that would have appeared in Sunday’s paper.

What struck me the most about the readers’ reaction was how many people still rely on the print edition of the newspaper for information crucial to their finances. And no, the feedback wasn’t from just one generation.

Much of this information is available online these days, yet many Sunday Post readers prefer to consume their financial news in print. Fortunately, they still can.