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Highlighted comments for commenters mentioned in a story

You’ll notice a new option by our comment boxes: “Mentioned in this story and want to comment? Click here.”

We have introduced this option to provide a space for members of the public and public figures to comment when they are directly involved in a particular story.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Whose comments are highlighted?

Users with direct involvement in a particular story on qualify to have their comments highlighted. This ability is granted on a story-by-story basis, and, once activated, users are verified to comment on a particular story. Their comments will not be highlighted across

Am I eligible to have my comments highlighted?

An easy way to tell if you qualify: If a reporter has reached out to you or your organization for participation in writing a story, you are eligible.

What is the “Commenters mentioned in this story” section at the top of the comment thread?

Because of their direct involvement in a story, these users’ comments will appear at the top of its comment section.


How do I apply to to have my comment highlighted?

All commenters on The Washington Post must be registered with the site, must sign in and must have a display name for our comments section. To create a new account and display name, click here. To sign in, click here.

For stories in which comment highlighting is enabled, signed-in users will see a notification beside the comment box: “Mentioned in this story and want to comment? Click here.”

Click to access a form where you provide important information necessary for your verification. The community manager uses this information to verify your identity to confirm your direct involvement with the given story and its events. This form is private and for internal Post use only. Your full name provided will be on display beside your comment. The remaining information you include is private and will not be disclosed.

Please fill out the form completely and accurately to ensure the most efficient approval of your status. We ask for your social media profile information as an added level of verification.

Do I have to provide my full name?

Yes. When your comment is highlighted, your full name will appear beside your comment. Your display name will appear in parentheses.

Why do I have to provide my phone number and e-mail address?

A Washington Post community manager will need your phone number and e-mail address to contact you and confirm your involvement with the story.

What is the discussion policy? Is the policy different for highlighted comments?

Commenters accept the terms and conditions of our discussion policy and guidelines on comment highlighting. Highlighted comments are held to the same policy as every other comment on our site. (Review the guidelines here)

What happens when I submit my request to have my comment highlighted?

Your request is in progress until a Post community manager can verify the information you provided. We do our best to process requests in a timely manner. Approvals should be fastest between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

The community manager will contact you to confirm that the phone number, e-mail address and social media information you provided is correct. The community manager will confirm your involvement in the story with editors and reporters responsible for the story in question.

Will I be able to comment as usual while my request is in progress?

Yes, if you have a Washington Post digital account. (You can sign in or create an account here.) Until a community manager approves your request, your comment will not be given preferred placement.

I submitted my form and have been contacted by a Post community manager. How long until my comments are highlighted?

After the community manager confirms your information, please wait until you see the following notification: “Your request has been approved.” Thank you for your patience, and please refrain from posting repeat comments. Any comments made before approval will be automatically displayed in “Commenters mentioned in this story” after approval.


What happens when my application is approved for a particular story?

Your comment will appear at the top of the comment stream, under a Commenters mentioned in this story heading. Your display name will appear in parentheses beside your full name, and you’ll receive a “Verified” marker (it looks like a checkmark) beside your name.

After my comments are highlighted on one story, will they be given preferred placement on any story on

No. If you are mentioned in another story, you must again submit the form and provide the requested information so that a Post community manager can again confirm your identity and your involvement with that particular story.


What happens if my request is denied?

You will receive an e-mail notifying you that your request has been denied for the story in question.

Can I still comment on a story if I have been denied?

Yes, but your comment will not carry the “Verified” marker.

Questions? Please e-mail us at

Editor’s note: This FAQ has been updated to reflect a change in labeling from “Preferred Commenters” to “Commenters mentioned in this story.”