Hello, commenters!

Thank you all for your participation in our two previous open threads, where we asked for your suggestions on how to improve our digital community and our comments sections.

Following those conversations, we’d like to open up regular “office hours” threads. Here’s how it’ll work: a Post staffer will ask a question in the comments and we’ll field your suggestions or questions from there. Feel free to jump in at any point and (as always) don’t forget to adhere to our community guidelines for the most productive conversation possible.

This week’s topic: banning and suspending users. It’s something we do infrequently (and we wish it happened even less frequently!), but we know the process isn’t as transparent as many of you would wish. So here, we’re taking your questions (and suggestions): How should we improve comment moderation? What’s the best way to communicate about our discussion policy with readers?

One note before we start: we won’t be answering questions about specific user bans; those questions should go to comments@washpost.com.

I’ll start off the comments thread with a brief explanation of the suspension process: how we decide who gets suspended, when that suspension is lifted and what happens afterward. Jump in with your questions and we’ll get started at 10 a.m.!