In a blog post published on Wednesday, The Post pointed readers toward a survey of commenters and comment readers conducted in connection with The Coral Project, a collaboration between The Post, the New York Times and Mozilla to help publishers create and enliven communities around their journalism, and the Engaging News Project at the University of Texas in Austin.

The blog post also included a comment thread for readers to give direct feedback, and dozens of readers obliged.

Some, like commenter delvesinto, expressed concern about comments that seek to attack or demean other readers.

 It's clear that many who send their comments are thoughtful, intelligent people. It's also clear that some are disturbed and have an agenda designed to be hurtful. A more rigorous winnowing of the latter would add to the site's usefulness to the majority of readers.

The Post staff’s response: Like any community space Washington Post comment threads are best when community members help ensure the rules are enforced. Readers who see comments that violate The Post’s discussion policy are encouraged to use the report button to alert moderators. The moderation team is available 24/7 to review comments flagged by users.

Some, like Desertdiva, took issue with The Post’s moderation practices.

Users like Thegs wish it was easier to follow a thread of replies.

The biggest problem I have is how after a certain level of replies, the "Reply" button disappears making further conversation awkward.

Commenter rm0659 wants to see fewer comments on repeat.



Kaliyan likes The Post’s comments as they are.

Mister Friday doesn’t.

What do you think about comments on The Post? Which features could be improved? What could be added? Please take the Engaging News Project’s survey and add details in the comment section below.