Slip on your goggles and mind the flammables: It’s time to get experimental.

The Post is constantly looking for ways to make the experience in our comments spaces better. That’s why we’re testing new ways to start off some comment threads with a question and to highlight some of the most compelling comments that users contribute.

We’re also a founding partner in The Coral Project, a collaboration with the New York Times and the Mozilla Foundation, funded by a grant from the Knight Foundation, to help news organizations build and enliven communities around their journalism.

Last week, The Coral Project launched a site called the Comments Lab, which lets visitors tinker with the different potential features in an online comment space and read some of the research behind those features.

We’ve been playing with it all week, and we wanted to see what you thought of it.

Which features in the Comments Lab do you think would work best in comment threads on The Post? Are there features we should avoid adding? Some that aren’t listed in the lab that we should consider?

We’d love to hear from you. We’ll be hanging out in the comments on this post Friday to respond to your thoughts. You can also email us at