Engaging with readers on the news of the day — and providing a space where readers can discuss news events with each other — is important to us at The Washington Post. On this page, Post readers will be helping us improve engagement tools that could soon be used by many news organizations.

For several years now, The Post has teamed up with the New York Times and the Mozilla Foundation to form The Coral Project, a collaboration that is creating new, free software and resources to help news organizations and readers connect online thanks to a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Post readers have been part of our collaboration from the start, suggesting features and participating in a survey about commenting and comment-reading behavior.

Now, a select group of readers is helping us to test a preliminary version of The Coral Project’s comment system below — called a “beta” release in software-development lingo. It’s missing some features that Post story commenters are used to, such as a means for a reader to edit their comment once it’s been submitted or to sort comments by most-liked. Those features are in the works.

The Coral team still wants to know: What do Post readers think about the existing set of features? What changes would Post readers suggest?

If you’re not in the commenting group, the Post and the Coral team still want to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts about the comment-reading experience using this form, or email us at comments@washpost.com.