On Saturday we launched a long-requested newsletter called Must Reads, which features five of The Post’s most ambitious or compelling stories of the week. It is designed to help readers who love great narratives, investigations, profiles or multimedia projects, but sometimes get too busy to look for them. You can sign up for the newsletter here and it will arrive around 9 a.m. ET every Saturday morning.

The Post publishes so much excellent journalism each week that choosing only five is a challenge. But as an enterprise editor and the author of this newsletter, I am trying to pull together a mix of memorable stories on a wide range of subjects.

The first collection featured powerful pieces about a second-grader growing up amid gunfire, a doctor at the center of a USA Gymnastics scandal, a Tunisian family being torn apart by the Islamic State, a 70-year-old poker-playing socialite and President Trump’s sudden shift on the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Each week, I’ll explain a bit about what makes a story, video, photo essay or graphic remarkable or how Post journalists do their work. Great journalism has never mattered more than it does now, so we’re eager to share it with you.

Have any questions or thoughts about Must Reads? Share them in the comments below. And don’t forget to sign up.