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How to create a Washington Post commenting account

Article comments are a place for Washington Post readers to discuss the news of the day with one another and with our journalists. We encourage readers to join a lively discussion.

Please read our community rules before creating your commenting account.

Ready to go? Okay.

To create a commenting account, you need three things:

1) A Washington Post account. We’ll save the comments you write to your account.
2) A display name. This is the name that will display in the comment section next to the comments you write.
3) A verified email address. We require this to deter bots and spammers.


Create your Washington Post account.

1) Click on the “Sign In” button on the upper right side of any Washington Post page.

2) Click “Sign up.” (Or choose to log in with your Amazon or Facebook account.)

3) Fill out the account creation page with your email and password. If you’re a subscriber, add your subscription account number.

4) Check the box to affirm that you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then click “Create my account.”

5) Your account is activated! You’ll be sent back to the Washington Post home page.

Create a display name.

1) Click on this link to access your profile:

2) If you aren’t signed in, follow the prompts to enter your email address and password.

3) On your profile page, click on “About Me / My Comments.”

4) Click on “Edit display name.”

5) Type in the name you would like to use in comments, then click “Save.” If you’re told that the display name you’ve entered already exists in our database, adjust the name until you’re able to save it.

6) You’ll see a green message indicating that your name has been saved.

Verify your email address.

1) Click on My account settings.

2) Click on “Verify your email address.”

3) Click on the “Send” button to send an email to the address you provided.

4) You’ll see this verification that an email has been sent. Click on the “Close” button.

5) Check your email. The email verification message comes from and has the subject line “Click to Verify Your Email Address.”

Access that email message. Click the green button.

6) You’ll be directed to and see a message that says your email is verified.

7) You can also check to see that your email is verified.

If you didn’t receive a verification email:

  • Email verification messages can take a few minutes to arrive.
  • If your message doesn’t arrive within 10 minutes, check to see if it’s in your spam folder or another folder in your email system.
  • If you’ve looked everywhere and can’t find the email, you can resend it on your profile. If that doesn’t work, you can contact our Help Center.

Give those Community Rules one more glance.

Now, go forth and comment!