Below are the rules for The Washington Post’s community on Twitch. If you have any questions, please email

The rules are in place to help set a civil conversation about the news from The Washington Post. Comments in the chat should remain civil and inclusive for all our viewers. The rules prohibit:

Vulgar language, name-calling and personal attacks.

Discuss and criticize ideas. Please keep the conversation appropriate for all ages (a PG rating).

Partisan stereotypes and generalizations.

Don’t post comments that degrade others on the basis of gender, race, class, ethnicity, political beliefs, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability or other classifications.

Calling people “troll” or “snowflake” and other dismissive behavior.

We’ll remove attempts to solely dismiss or attack another viewer with a different perspective. If you disagree with someone, state why.

Speculation, misinformation and impersonation.

We don’t allow posts that include falsehoods or purposely spread inaccurate information. Likewise, don’t post any comments that misrepresent your affiliation or identity.

Posts inciting or encouraging violence.

We’ll remove comments that contain or advocate for illegal or violent acts in any way.

Advertising, duplicate or off-topic comments.

Selling or advertising with a comment will result a ban from the chat. Raids are welcome but we’ll remove duplicate comments attempting to just derail the conversation.

Regarding Bits

The Washington Post doesn’t accept donations. Bits, to our thinking, feel very close to a donation. As such, we’d ask you don’t use them for the stream — understanding, of course that this makes us unlike other channels. To that end, we’ve turned off cheer badges. We’d love to have you support us by subscribing — either on Twitch, or to our digital publication. Best to save your cheers for other streamers on Twitch.