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Washington Post book critic Carlos Lozada reads "Healthy Holly," the book series that has landed Baltimore Mayor Catherine E. Pugh (D) in a political scandal over accusations of self-dealing.

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Robert Mueller’s predecessors investigated Watergate, Iran-contra and Bill Clinton. They warned that checks and balances aren’t enough.

Trump’s intellectuals want to graft coherence and ideology onto an incoherent leader.

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Review of 'The Ideas That Made America: A Brief History" by Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

The traits that make Trump a candidate for removal also make the process more difficult.

The authors of four books courageously stand up to their party without owning their own role in making it.

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Recapping the most memorable books of the year.

Across a lifetime of diaries and letters, he blended duty, arrogance, intelligence, empathy, strategy, humor, confusion and candor. If only he’d put it all together.

The president’s brand of politics has given many Americans permission to embrace their latent hatreds.

Eight books that argue over how to balance the individual against the collective.

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