Years before she became press secretary to President George W. Bush, Dana Perino had what she describes in her new memoir as a “quarter-life crisis.” In 1997, at age 25, Perino felt stuck in her career on Capitol Hill and, “on the personal side of things, I hadn’t had a boyfriend in years.” Now 42, married, and a host on Fox News’s “The Five,” Perino offers very specific thoughts on why the male dating pool in Washington was — and remains — so unappealing:

I had many friends that I hung out with a lot, but the dating scene in D.C. was pathetic. (It still is, right, ladies?) I remember thinking that there just weren’t that many men I was interested in around Washington. Most of the guys didn’t look like they’d ever worked outside a day in their lives — soft hands, limp handshakes, pale skin, and pudgy middles. The good-looking ones were either already hitched or married to their political ambition with little senses of humor. It was slim pickings for a single woman.

Don’t worry. Perino’s love life worked out all right — she met her future husband on a plane that same year, on her way from Denver to Washington. And no, he wasn’t a Washington guy but a Brit. The accent helped, she explains: “American women fall for it every time.”

Perino’s memoir of her years in the White House and her experience on Fox News is titled “And the Good News Is: Lessons and Advice From the Bright Side.” It will be published by Twelve on April 21.

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