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Lionsgate and Tribeca film studios are launching a new streaming service

Called “Tribeca Short List,” the online streaming service comes just days after HBO and CBS rattled the television industry with their announcements of their own stand-alone streaming services, similar to what Netflix offers.

The companies didn’t disclose details about the planned service, such as the pricing or how many titles will be offered. Lionsgate and Tribeca Enterprises, which runs the Tribeca Film Festival, indicated in their release that the service will be highly edited and that they will draw from their network of artists and industry contacts to help select films.

“We are pleased to join with Lionsgate . . . to create a highly curated experience that disrupts the ‘more-is-more’ model in today’s streaming on-demand landscape,” said Jane Rosenthal, chief executive of Tribeca Enterprises. “Tribeca Short List aims to be a service where you can see films you never got to watch, forgot to watch, and want to watch.”

The move comes amid great tumult in entertainment. Netflix surprised Hollywood with a recent announcement that it would cut out movie theaters by making and exclusively showing feature-length films, including four by Adam Sandler and the next “Crouching Tiger” movie.

Lionsgate and Tribeca have built their reputations as smaller, scrappy competitors with established Hollywood giants such as Disney and 20th Century Fox. Lionsgate was launched in 199 7 by Canadian businessman Frank Giustra and filmaker Avi Federgreen with offices in Vancouver, Canada and Santa Monica, Calif. It became known for its willingness to take on risky projects and its high profit margins on films — its Saw horror series became a global hit. More recently, the studio has won over the young adult market with “The Hunger Games,” “Twilight,” and “Divergent” series. It also has produced television shows, such as “Mad Men” and “Nurse Jackie.”

Tribeca Enterprises was co-founded in 2003 by actor Robert De Niro and runs the Tribeca Film Festival that supports emerging movie makers and directors.

“The launch of the Tribeca Short List service unites two powerful brands and underscores our commitment to collaborate with blue-chip partners around the world to deliver premium content to online audiences,” said Lionsgate chief executive Jon Feltheimer. “The Tribeca name resonates with movie aficionados everywhere, and our service will encompass a highly curated, diverse and prestigious portfolio of quality films.”