You already use Facebook to find old friends, connect with co-workers and share pictures of your cat.

Now you can also use it to off-load your couch or to buy a used tractor.

Facebook this week rolled out Marketplace, a feature that takes on sites like Craigslist and eBay by allowing users to buy and sell items using the company’s app. This is the site’s second attempt at creating a clearinghouse for goods. The first, also called Marketplace, fizzled shortly after it was introduced in 2007.

This is how it works: Beginning this week, you’ll see a “Marketplace” option on the bottom of your Facebook app. (It’s where the Messenger icon used to be.) Once you enter the marketplace, you’ll be able to search for items by location, as well as by category and keyword.

See something you like? You can send direct messages to the seller to make an offer and coordinate pick-up.

There are some ground rules: No drugs, no animals, no guns and no services of any kind, including prostitution.

Those rules were quickly broken on Monday, as people tried to sell — and presumably buy — firearmsbody parts and bags of marijuana. There were also listings for $50 hedgehogs and $300 snakes, according to Business Insider.

A day in, Facebook has apologized for the digressions. A company spokeswoman said a “technical issue” was to blame for the questionable listings, and that the site is actively monitoring new posts.

Here’s a run-down of what’s being sold on the site today:

1. Gun-covered jeans

Facebook doesn’t allow gun sales, but it appears gun-adorned jeans are just fine.

The company in January said it was taking a hard stance against peer-to-peer sales of firearms and ammunition. That didn’t stop users from trying to sell handguns as soon as Marketplace debuted, but Facebook says those listings have been removed. The jeans, however, are still up for grabs.

2. Hay. 

Users in New Jersey can pick up freshly-rolled bales of hay, which weigh about 50 pounds apiece. Don’t have space in your car? The seller says delivery is available for a fee.

3. Candy-corn vases.

Love it or hate it, candy corn is impossible to escape this time of year. There are candy corn cocktails, candy corn pillows and candy corn shower curtains. And now, bottles-turned-vases painted to look like the Halloween staple.

4. Used hair products.

“I’m leaving the blonde hair life,” the seller says in this listing for a half-used bottle of shampoo.

5. A cucumber and a piece of bacon.

Bloody Mary not included.

6. Pennies for $2.

“Trump/Pence pennies” selling in the swing state of Ohio come with hand-scribbled inscriptions such as “Hillary lies to you” and “Long Island for Trump.”

7. Burial plots.

“This is the price we paid 15 years ago,” the listing says. “We moved and no longer need them.”

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