Mattel announced June 20 that the company is introducing 15 new looks for the male doll, giving him new skin tones, body shapes and hair styles. (Mattel via AP)

Let’s face it. Few women out there date just one hunk throughout their lives, so we’re still not sure why Mattel waited till now to give Barbie a few more options.

Yet after the doll-maker announced it’s releasing 15 new Ken dolls that come in different looks and body types, there seemed to be one man-Barbie who stood out.

Introducing “Man Bun” Ken.

He seems to remind many of a kind of earnestness …

… even if others seemed over the knot on top of the head thing.

Or any other trends for that matter.

Some saw a certain resemblance …

… while others were reminded of everything they probably tried to forget.

Say what you want:

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