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About time for a raise: Leesburg-based K2M, which makes implants, instruments and other products to repair spinal injuries, plans to raise about $136 million in its upcoming initial public offering, according to a new filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Of course, that’s a drop in the bucket compared to what Chinese online retailer Alibaba is suddenly looking to raise – we’re talking an all-time record. (CAP)

Silver lining, finally: After months of delays and tens of millions of dollars in cost overruns, there’s finally some good news for Metro’s Silver Line – passengers could be riding as early as this summer. Oh, but there are some additional costs on the way, too. (WP)

Moving up the tech ranks: Maryland now ranks eighth among the nation’s fastest-growing exporters of high tech goods, with nearly a tenth of the state’s total economic output coming from the technology sector, according to a new report by an advocacy group in Washington. (WBJ)

Stopped too soon? Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the top Democrat on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, has raised concerns that regulators may have cheated homeowners out of compensation by halting an independent review of recent foreclosures. And some of the biggest banks may have got off easy. (WP)

A Venti Coke, please: Starbucks Corp. continues to report healthy sales gains, even as others in the fast-food sectore have struggled. Much of that success stems from the company’s new menu additions – and now it’s planning to move into soda. (AP)

Suit settled: 64,000 software engineers have reached a settlement with major tech companies including Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe in a class-action lawsuit over poaching and lost wages. Soon, we’ll know exactly how much they each walked away with. (WP)

Big day for pay-for-play: Northwestern University’s football players will cast ballots today on whether to form the nation’s first union for college athletes — a potentially landmark vote that will be kept sealed for months and possibly years. (AP)Charging ahead on small businesses: EagleBank Chairman and CEO Ronald Paul says the Bethesda bank plans to pursue more small business lending, and it’s doubling down on commitment to boutique residential projects. (WBJ)

On Wall Street

Stock edged slightly higher on Thursday, elevated by strong earnings from Apple and Caterpillar.  (Get the latest updates here)

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