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New town: Developer Jim Abdo spearheaded the resurgence of several urban corridors in the District. Now, he’s turning his attention to Little Washington, 90 miles outside the nation’s capital, hoping to succeed where many before him have tried and failed. His plans, however, have prompted a conversation about just what kind of a town Washington, Va. wants to become. (CAPBIZ/WP)

Not exactly a hit: D.C.’s new online, small-business health insurance marketplace hasn’t attracted very many small businesses. Maryland, meanwhile, still is working on its small-business marketplace. And they aren’t the only ones seeing little activity. (OSB)

Game over: Electronic Arts, the gaming giant, is shutting down Mythic, the storied Fairfax studio it bought in 2006, to “concentrate mobile development in our other studio locations.” (CAPBIZ)

Friends and foes: SpaceX finds itself in an odd spot. The company recently sued the Air Force for the right to compete on launch contracts – but it is also working closely with the Air Force in other areas. (CAPBIZ)

New clean up crew: Wash Cycle Laundry, a Philadelphia company that will pick up your dirty clothes and deliver them back via company tricycles, has invaded Washington. (CAPBIZ)

What took so long? A local co-sharing space recently added a new vending machine to its office. The Frobot doles out cold, creamy frozen yogurt. (CAPBIZ)

New target: Saleforce got its start in 1999 selling software to businesses, helping them manage customer data for sales leads. Now, it has a new customer in mind: the federal government. (WP)

Long list, now longer: General Motors issued four additional recalls Friday, adding more than 100,000 vehicles to the more than 15.9 million it has recalled so fat this year. (NYT)

Bouncing back: The labor market continued to blossom in May, as businesses created 217,000 new jobs. In fact, the economy has now recovered all the jobs it lost during the recession – which isn’t the best of news. (WP)

On Wall Street

Stocks closed last week on a high note after the jobs report showed an altogether healthy pace of hiring. (Get the latest updates here)

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Extra: The CIA has joined Twitter, we think. Or maybe not. (WP)