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Fuel up: Pizza slices and chicken wings have long been staple offerings at Fuel Pizza. But now the fast-food chain wants to borrow a bit of Chipotle magic, and let customers take control of their pies as it looks to expand. (CAPBIZ)

Bankrolling business: Lawmakers want to shut down the Export-Import Bank, but small businesses say it’s critical to their survival. Who’s right? In Washington, it’s complicated. (CAPBIZ)

Building blocks: Rockville-based landscaping giant Brickman Group is merging with California counterpart ValleyCrest Companies. With a combined worth of $2 billion, the new organization is a long way from Brickman’s humble origins. (CAPBIZ)

Crisis management: In a speech, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said central banks should not use the tools they have to manipulate interest rates, except in extreme cases. Instead, they should build a stronger financial foundation. (WP)

Spies get hungry, too: Fairfax County is set to get its first Wawa, the hoagie chain with outlets in Maryland and the District. A 5,500 square-foot Wawa will be part of the Dulles Discovery South retail center, also home to some CIA offices. (WBJ)

Expect more, carry less: Target is requesting shoppers not to bring firearms inside its stores. The retailer entered the crosshairs of the gun debate by saying that its shops are a ‘family-friendly’ environment. (WP)

Speaking of which: Americans can’t seem to handle their fireworks very well. The number of fireworks-related injuries rocketed to the highest in a decade last year. And no one’s really sure why. (WP)

On Wall Street

Stocks closed at new highs as a private employment report painted a bright picture of the economy. (Get the latest updates here)

What’s on tap today

The nation’s latest unemployment report (8:30 a.m.)

Weekly jobless claims (8:30 a.m.)

WeWork Startup BBQ event (6:30 p.m.) (correction: this event was scheduled for Thursday, not Wednesday).

Help: How to reinvent an ordinary product. (OPEN forum)

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Extra: You can work at Apple, too. Just learn how to make coffee. (TIME)