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Organic growth: From a three-story Victorian house in Austin, Texas to trendy neighborhoods all over, here is the journey of Whole Foods, the store that made Americans realize they couldn’t live without kale chips. (OSB)

Growing pains: They may have turned organic food into big business, but Whole Foods’ sales are feeling the heat of competition. (AP)

Holding steady: The region’s unemployment rate remained unchanged in June. But there was cause for cheer in the latest local job figures.  (CAPBIZ)

Cooling offIt wasn’t a slow hiring month for small businesses. It just wasn’t anywhere close to the blistering pace in June. (OSB)

Global boost: Private equity firm Carlyle Group posted a strong profit in the second quarter, buoyed by the performance of its European activities. (CAPBIZ)

Up and down: Booz Allen Hamilton turned a profit even as revenue fell. CEO Ralph Shrader said this Washington summer was much better than the last. (CAPBIZ)

Spring surge: The economy roared back to life this spring, after a winter freeze that puzzled economists. (WP)

Poker face: The Federal Reserve was cheered by good economic data, voting to continue cutting its bond purchases. But as usual, the central bank carefully diluted its enthusiasm. (WP)

Bye Bye Ballston: The Labor Department is set to leave the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor, moving to Crystal City under a new lease. That makes it the third federal agency to move out of the area, following the National Science Foundation and the Fish and Wildlife Service. (WBJ)

Opening the door: General Motors will start compensating victims who suffered accidents resulting from its defective ignition switches this week. The company will pay amounts ranging from $20,000 to several million dollars. (WSJ)

On Wall Street

Investors cheered the stream of good economic news, and stocks remained largely unchanged. (Get the latest updates here)

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