The votes are in, and the first four companies are through to the final round. HumanTouch, Avanade, George Washington University and Fairfax County Public Schools will now pitch their products at the Post’s 15th Street Northwest headquarters on April 29, and a single winner will be chosen for the apps and platforms category.

As part of the final competition, the companies will pitch their product in person, the audience will narrow the field from four companies within the category to just two. Then, a panel of judges will select a single winner.

Here are the finalists for the Apps and platforms, and their vote count as of 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, March 19. Next up, a competition among contenders for the safety and security category.

Bring Your Own Device Initiative from Fairfax County Public Schools: 3,238 votes (40.9 percent)

Last year Fairfax County Public Schools released Bring Your Own Device 2.0, an automated registration system for laptops, smartphones and tablets that students are encouraged to bring to school.

Enlight From HumanTouch: 2,566 (32.4 percent)

With Enlight, HumanTouch is offering a cloud-based platform for managing IT investments, across different functions and departments within a company.

Mobile Airline Platform from Avanade: 1,130 (14.3 percent)

Avanade’s Mobile Airline Platform seeks to integrate mobile phones into in-flight customer service and airline operations. 

Principal Investigator’s Dashboard from George Washington University Division of Information Technology Business Intelligence Services: 699 votes (8.8 percent)

George Washington University’s Principle Investigator (PI) dashboard aims to give professors and researchers an easy way to organize the non-academic aspects of their research, cutting down on hassle and unneeded paperwork.