Week two voting is closed, and four more companies are through to the final round.

Blue Ridge Networks, INDMEX Aviation, Unisys and R2M Innovations will have the opportunity to pitch their products at the Post’s 15th Street Northwest headquarters on April 29, and a single winner will be chosen for the safety and security category.

As part of the final competition, the companies will pitch their product in person, and the audience will narrow the field from four companies within the category to just two. Then, a panel of judges will select a single winner for each category.

Here are the finalists for the safety and security category, and their vote count as of 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, March 26. Next up, a competition among contenders for the health, education and energy category.

AppGuard from Blue Ridge Networks: 1,568 votes (29.1 percent)

AppGuard is a software designed to prepare systems for cyber-security threats before they happen.

SurfPAD from INDMEX Aviation: 1416 votes (26.2 percent)

SurfPAD is a tablet-based software that spots where vehicles are on an airport runway and tracks their movements, giving vehicle operators a birds-eye view to avoid crashes.

Stealth from Unisys: 743 votes (13.8 percent)

Stealth seeks to make critical aspects of a company’s IT system entirely undetectable from the outside, employing data cloaking techniques to obscure the entry points to a company’s IT infrastructure.

ChildAware from R2M Innovations: 704 votes (13 percent)

ChildAware aims to prevent health problems that can occur when someone is left in a car on a hot day, using in-car sensors to assess risk and automatically address problems once detected.