The organization will use the new records as “base values” for comparison with future deadly weather events.

In Estes Park, where 31 inches fell, a barn collapsed from the snow's heft.

The lightning that forked and crawled through the underbelly of the storm was arguably the best.

These were some of the most well-defined mammatus we've seen in the region.

The storm clouds, rising 60,000 feet high in the sky, took on the appearance of a massive UFO.

Mugginess gets replaced by a cooler, more comfortable weekend air mass. Showers and storms may mark the transition!

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  • 3 days ago
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One more hot day is ahead before we cool back down.

New York and Boston are hotter than Los Angeles and Miami.

"MISSING: Spring temps, stolen overnight,” the Fort Collins Police Department tweeted.

Some tornadoes could remain on the ground for a long time.

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