The Washington Monument in fog (Brooke from Virginia)

A combination of clearing skies, falling temperatures, and lingering ground moisture from yesterday’s rain conspired to form a blanket of fog early this morning.

It was a classic radiation fog set up.

Fog as the sun rises over the Washington Monument – as captured by the WeatherBug network (WeatherBug)

Here’s how NOAA describes radiation fog:

This type of fog forms at night under clear skies with calm winds when heat absorbed by the earth’s surface during the day is radiated into space. As the earth’s surface continues to cool, provided a deep enough layer of moist air is present near the ground, the humidity will reach 100% and fog will form.

The Capitol veiled by the fog (A B Pan Photography)

A number of our readers and partners – whose work we share here – captured some wonderful photos of this picturesque fog.

Dense fog on the Washington Channel (Jason Kopp)

Fog shots from Twitter