**Red flag warning until 8 p.m.**

Temperature Map

Temperatures:Latest D.C. area temperature map. See interactive map on our Weather Wall.

Our usual story of late persisted today. Chilly, and windy. At least the end seems to be near for this stuff! Highs near 50 and into the low 50s remain about 10 degrees below normal for the date, and we’ve got even colder conditions relative to average ahead tonight. Hopefully you haven’t turned the heat off for good yet…

Through Tonight: Brr! Well, this evening should be decent as winds decrease, but it’s going to be a cold night. Mostly clear skies help promote that rapid temperature drop, and as Dan noted this morning, lows about 15 degrees below normal are possible. A range from the low-to-mid 20s to near 30 might even test record lows for the date. For reference, D.C.’s is 27 back in 1899 and Dulles’ is 22 in 1965.

Tomorrow (Thursday): Almost as quick as temperatures fall overnight, they’ll rebound tomorrow under mostly sunny skies (clouds may increase in the afternoon). It’s still not going to be truly warm though. Afternoon temps should mainly head for the mid-50s. With less wind — there will be still be some! — it should feel pretty nice out there.

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1974 Super Outbreak: 39 years ago today, the biggest tornado outbreak in modern record (pre-April 2011) was ongoing. It dropped 148 tornadoes in about 18 hours, 30 of which were rated violent (F4/F5). CWG’s Kathryn Prociv takes a unique look at the original track map and compares it to present-day population. Accuweather also examines how advances in tornado detection have saved lives since that outbreak.

Pollen update: Cooler temperatures have helped bring tree pollen back to moderate levels with 30.03 grains per cubic meter. Mold spores are low.